big data trends

Active Customer Engagement

Whether you’re a B2B company like ours or a B2C company, we are all facing similar challenges with customer engagement. Often times because both ends are so busy, engagements are limited to a few key critical points in time: During a Sale During an Issue During Termination of Contract Of these points of engagement, only Read More

The power of current customer retention

Every business needs new customers, but don’t ever forget that the easiest and most cost effective source of new revenue is your loyal customers who already know your company. Acquiring new customers is expensive , in fact five to ten times the cost of retaining an...


E-commerce has upgraded to Mobile-commerce. More and more people are staying connected throughout their entire day, as opposed to only at home. Today’s mobile-connected devices allow users to browse where desktop computers can’t go, and this increases the amount of...

Data still in favor of print

Recent information from advertising associations and other research firms report that there is a huge value in including traditional direct mail in a multifaceted marketing campaign. Some companies have started relying more heavily on digital forms of communication,...

Netflix Growth – New Challenges from Streaming

Netflix Q4 revenue up 34% but tough times ahead? Talking with a friend who is in the business, he said the big distribution deals they got with the media companies previously will be difficult to get again. Streaming is one of the main reasons why, it wasn’t to viable...

5 tips for adding members to your list online

1) Free Newsletter -­ Offering a free newsletter from your website is one of the most common, and effective ways to build an opt-in list. It is also one of the best strategies for building trusting relationships with your list. Pack your newsletter full of useful...


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