Corporate decisions and streamlined operations rely greatly on data quality, as well as proper data management. In fact, to some, high-level data may be one of their most valuable assets. A vital step in maintaining accurate data is ongoing data “cleansing.” By providing “clean” data your company and/or your clients will be better informed and will be able to gather more accurate analytics, allowing for a more seamless decision-making process. The following are a few best practice tips to ensure data accuracy:

  1. Implement a successful management system in which you can easily manage, find and disperse data.
  2. Check for duplicates.
  3. Separate your data into multiple fields so it can be found easily, with practically any relevant criteria (name, company, phone number, email, location, project name, etc.).
  4. Check content fields to ensure that all information is needed and accurate.
  5. Always use full, proper names of companies, people, etc. Data should be easily accessed by anyone within your company, even a new employee or someone new to an account.

High-level data adds priceless value to any business. Contact us today to learn more about data quality best practices. We are here to help!