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Data Lists

200+ MM Consumer records
with over 200+ demographics

Our data is fresh, accurate and accessible today!


We Offer Our Clients
the Lowest CPM

in the industry

Best Auto Lists

Automotive Mailing

High quality, fresh compiled national data list of
consumer vehicle information.


Hispanic Consumer Mailing

High quality, freshly compiled Hispanic and Latino consumer data.


Empower Your Business with Cutting-Edge Data Solutions! Explore our comprehensive range of data services designed to drive growth and enhance decision-making. From advanced analytics to bespoke data solutions, we harness the power of data to propel your business forward. Discover actionable insights, optimize performance, and stay ahead of the competition. Partner with us today and unlock the full potential of your data-driven future!

Installs & Subscriptions

Get access to consumer demographic, financial, and behavioral data for prospect lists or data appends !
Create statistical models to improve the results of your marketing campaigns ! Try our simple tools to help you access comprehensive consumer information.

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Data Related Services

We find the most of our customers are unable to collect complete data profiles of their clients. We can fill in the gaps. Natimark offers over 500 demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle elements available for you to append to your customer database.

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Up to 10,000 Records!


Get up to 20% extra data on
all first time orders!

    Understand & Get Audience

    Identify the profile of our clients’ target market and develop a strategy to pinpoint that audience across the Natimark platform. Identify the profile of our clients’ target market and develop a strategy to pinpoint that audience across the Natimark platform.

    • New Homeowners
    • Cell phone data
    • consumer and business email
    • Data Hygiene
    • Phone and email appending
    • Profiling and modeling services
    • Turn Key Direct mail campaigns
    • Real property data
    • Existing business data base

    Customer Profile

    Lift Charts

    Market Penetration

    Sample Reports

    Data Modeling & Analytics

    Natimark’s Modeling and Analytical tools provide our customers with business intelligence that is easy to understand and apply, without a degree in statistics.


    Natimark can give you a “lift” in your return on investment by delivering better results through better data at lesser costs. Whether you are in Retail, Financial, Healthcare, Travel, or Entertainment industries the more you know about your customers the better you can target your future ones. Let Natimark, with our experience and leading edge technology, provide you with the best tools and most accurate customer data in the Industry. Creating a competitive advantage in your industry.

    Emphasis on Quality

    In today’s data-driven landscape, emphasis on quality is paramount, especially when it comes to data lists. Quality data lists serve as the foundation for informed decision-making, precise targeting, and effective marketing strategies. Ensuring accuracy, relevancy, and completeness within data lists is not merely a preference but a necessity.

    Superior Customer Service

    FREE Online Tools

    Natimark On-Line (NMOL) is a free, web based application to get counts. Subscribers get full access to list counts, reports and ordering. Ideal for List Buyers, Brokers, Mailing Houses, Printers and Franchise Corporations. Call us today!

    High-Volume Buyer

     Are you a high-volume list buyer or broker? Contact us for special pricing and database access! Are you a high-volume list buyer or broker? Contact us for special customer data list pricing and database access! Contact us for special pricing and database access!

    Take Action with Natimark

    Natimark Lead Ads position your business for growth by presenting consumers with relevant sign-ups when they’re most likely to opt-in. Our consent-based opt-ins drive email and mobile messaging acquisition.


    We will work with you to build a data list of qualified lead prospects to target across channels in your upcoming marketing campaign.