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Vehicles can tell your business a lot about a consumer

Focus your targeted marketing communications to automobile owners across the U.S. Natimark’s Automobile Owners mailing list is multi-sourced. Including not only vehicles, but also motorcycle and boating information as well, Natimark can help you reach a range of customers unlike any other list available today. This mailing list is ideally suited for: extended warranty offers; financial services; insurance; new and used auto offers; auto clubs; aftermarket accessories; and much more. Along with NCOALink change-of-address processing, this mailing list is CASS verified.

In addition, Natimark provides unique modeling services that allow you to append the automotive information with our consumer demographic information, creating a uniquely specified and cost-effective list. Using this tool you will have the ability to extend your reach farther than ever before. This narrow, targeted marketing technique allows you to create a successful campaign and increase marketing ROI with the lowest list and modeling prices available on the market.

Over 187,000,000 records with the following features can be found using our Automotive List:


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