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Consumer Database (In-House)

Natimark will create a custom copy of our database specifically for your needs. We can update and deliver these databases on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual schedule. Not only will Natimark create this database to your geographical requirements, but we will also work with you to create custom fields in the database specifically for your company’s needs. We will use our proprietary tools and your current customer data to create scored data fields in your installation to help you improve your marketing efforts.

And we’ll do all of this while reducing your current costs. We guarantee that not only are our prices the best in the industry, but our data and modeled data fields will outperform your current database.

Call (800) 494-4533 to receive a complete explanation of the benefits of our data installations.

Consumer Database (Virtual)

Natimark’s Virtual Install provides our customer with all of the marketing tools you need to market on a local, regional or national basis, without the cost associated with managing of large database like this on your in-house servers. With our Virtual Install, we allow small and mid-sized companies the small tools that companies with large marketing departments use.

If you’re a large customer and currently host a copy of a national demographic database, this solution will provide you with the tools and results that you’re accustomed to, while reducing not only your cost for the data, but also reducing your overall data processing costs.

This solution is also ideal for a reseller.

We offer a variety of subscription packages that give you access to all our tools, so you can:

  • Create prospect lists,
  • Create profiles of your current customers,
  • Create market penetration reports based on your current customers,
  • Append data to any data file,
  • Map one or multiple datasets on a map,
  • Create custom prospect or cross-sell models, and
  • Create modeled prospect lists.

Our goal is to lower your overall cost, while providing you with the best data in the industry. Our tools will allow you to slice and dice your data like never before, faster than you could ever imagine.

Call (800) 494-4533 to receive a complete explanation of the benefits of our “virtual” installation subscriptions.


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