Our goal is to provide you with:

  • the Best Data (Freshness, Accuracy & Coverage),
  • the Best System (Count, Modeling & Fulfillment),
  • the Best Value (Low Pricing), and
  • the Best Service.

We update our Databases on a weekly basis.

We constantly review our data sources to make sure they’re the most accurate & comprehensive in the Industry.

We provide our customers with a state-of the-art systems that provides:

  • Instantaneous counts and fulfillment,
  • Automated modeling and scoring, and

Reports, graphs and mapping of your List.


Unlike other list compilers, any list select for any of our list products is included in the price.  These included selects, plus our guaranteed lowest price, insure that you will get the best ROI in the Industry.  Our selects include:

  • 100+ Demographic Selects
  • 75+ Interest Selects
  • 60+ Behavior Selects
  • 40+ Buying Habit Selects
  • 40+ Mortgage Selects