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Other Data Services

Other Data Services

Phone Append

The volume and quality of our phone append processing is exceptional. We take your records and process them against two of the largest compiled databases in the country to improve both accuracy and reach at the same time.

And we’ll do all of this while reducing your current costs. We guarantee that not only are our prices the best in the industry, but our data and modeled data fields will outperform your current database.

Privacy Services / DNC (Do Not Call) Suppression

Privacy is crucial and the legislative changes can make keeping current very time consuming. Natimark takes the privacy concerns out of your hands for both your Telemarketing and Direct Mailing campaigns. We maintain and update the National FTC Do-Not-Call file, the DMA Telephone Preference Service (TPS) file and the DMA Pander file. Records are suppressed automatically to ensure that your marketing efforts conform to all Federal guidelines.

Data Append

We find the most of our customers are unable to collect complete data profiles of their clients. We can fill in the gaps. Natimark offers over 500 demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle elements available for you to append to your customer database. Our multi-sourced consumer database, Consumer In-Sight, can offer you over 95% of the US households, as well as hundreds of lifestyle and demographic elements.

Reverse Append

Reverse Append: Add names and addresses to phone numbers. Natimark will link your consumer or business prospect list containing phone numbers, or Reverse Append, with accurate, up-to-date name and address information for direct mail use.

  • Increase lead quality by filling in incomplete information
  • Start multi-channel marketing
  • Append demographics and segment your database


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    NCOA Processing

    Our data services partner is a non-exclusive licensee for the USPS Limited Service Provider NCOALink. In addition to 18 months of Move Update information and USPS Return Codes, we are pleased to offer DPV as part of our standard NCOALink offering. NCOALink 18 Month matches mailing list addresses to 18 months of change of address information for families, individuals and businesses. This data is updated weekly.

    In addition, we offer the DMA Mail Preference Service suppression flag, LACSLINK updates, and DPV as part of our standard NCOALink offering. Over 40 million Americans change addresses annually. Move48 (NCOALink) matches mailing list addresses to 48 months of change of address information for families, individuals and businesses.

    Data Diagnostics

    Duplicate names on your customer file are a source of confusion and a waste of marketing dollars. We have the ability to scrub your customer or prospect file based on individual names, addresses, phone numbers and more.

    We can identify and delete duplicate records from one file, as well as find duplicates and perform deletion processing across multiple files simultaneously. We work with you to determine the best method for performing a multi-file merge/purge and report back detailed management information.

    Hygiene Services & Management

    Nothing burns a hole in your budget faster than conducting a marketing campaign with bad, out-of-date data. Losing contact with your customers, even for a short period, translates into lost revenue. That’s why it’s important to keep your customer database up-to-date and accurate with good data management.

    Natimark’s Data Hygiene Service can update and clean your customer files so you get new growth from existing accounts. Deliverable address’s and accurate data will help you save money, boost response rates and improve targeting of likely buyers.

    Our Data Hygiene Service will help you:

    • Increase deliverability and reduce waste by assuring the addresses on your lists are current, correct and standardized. Services include: NCOALink®, DSF, LACS, DPV, DMCOA and NES.
    • Cut program waste and duplicate mailings with our comprehensive merge/purge system
    • Remove or flag consumers on the Do Not Call list
    • Regular data management is essential to optimizing your marketing campaigns and making every record count


    We will work with you to build a data list of qualified lead prospects to target across channels in your upcoming marketing campaign.