Many people have the mindset that going directly to the source for anything is the best solution. In some instances that may be true, but in Direct Mail Marketing, it can be more cost effective to use a mailing list broker over a mailing list compiler. The right mailing list broker will save you money, time and ensure the best quality mailing list for your marketing needs. There are three big advantages to purchasing from a mailing list broker.

First, in most cases, a compiler of mailing list data has this information from their primary business. For example, a credit bureau’s main focus is tracking and calculated people’s individual credit scores. As their secondary function, they use this raw data to create mailing lists as an additional source of revenue. Since these compilers are selling their own data, they are going to push to sell their data, even if it is not the best fit for your marketing campaign. In this case, a Mailing List Broker is not tied to any one source of mailing list data. They will consult on your marketing needs and find the best mailing list for your campaign, regardless of the data source.

Companies normally believe going directly to the source will save them money. The fact is the compilers want large clients. They would rather not deal with a small to average size customer. To weed out the smaller companies, mailing list compilers will charge up to double what a mailing list broker would charge. The mailing list brokers are the true consultants and work horses for these list compilers and will ensure you are receiving the most accurate mailing list. The compilers will give deep discounts to the list brokers to keep the smaller to midsize clients away. A mailing list broker will surely save you a significant amount of money on your next mail list purchase.

Knowledge is another big reason to choose a mailing list broker over a mailing list compiler. A compiler’s knowledge does not go beyond the data they have in-house. A mailing list broker will normally know more about the compilers’ database than the compiler themselves. A list broker also needs to stay education on more than 50,000+ lists available in the marketing today. Brokers are constantly educating their employees with industry specific information packets, trade shows, and news press releases.

A businesses marketing campaign is essential to continued growth in sales. A mailing list broker will ensure they are getting you the most cost effective, highly targeted, accurate, and up to date mailing list. They will bring you the results needed to increase your return on investment. The thought of the word “Broker” in direct mail marketing should be translated as “the ultimate mailing list consultant of the industry.”