Appends are commonly overlooked as a great way to clean up your data and augment what you already have. There are several types of appends that can be performed depending on your needs and working with your existing lists allows you to maintain your original data set but address gaps. Whether it’s phone numbers or names that are missing, appends fill in the blanks!

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  • Phone Appends: This process adds phone numbers to an existing mailing list enhancing the depth of your prospect information. Adding a phone number is important because having this information allows you to follow up via telephone after a mailer campaign, adding a second communication channel to your repertoire.
  • Reverse Append: A reverse append adds names and addresses to phone numbers. Natimark can link your consumer or prospect list with accurate, updated address information so you can leverage the direct mail channel.
  • Data Append: We frequently find that our clients have access to names and numbers but not to the expanded profiles for their prospective clients. Natimark is able to provide you with over 500 demographic, psychographic and lifestyle elements allowing you to be more specific in your targeted marketing.
  • Why are appends important? They result in more qualified leads by addressing the information gaps. Having more qualified leads will result in a higher ROI on your marketing efforts. Additionally, leveraging appends results in the ability to begin multi-channel marketing. Whether you are supplementing your mailers with phone calls or vice versa, hitting your prospects at multiple angles generally results more successful campaigns.

    Contact Natimark today for a consultation and to determine if you can benefit from appends! Our Consumer In-Sight database is one of the most complete and robust in the country!