Content marketing is the art of using information to communicate with your customers and prospects without selling to them. Instead of just spewing out the traditional sales pitch, you can use engaging content to deliver useful information to the reader, that makes them feel smarter, more informed. The use of this strategy is based on the belief that if businesses deliver consistent, valuable, usable information, then they will win the business and loyalty, in a very non-traditional, clever way.

And the belief is backed by statistics. Content marketing works, and it is being used by some of the largest marketing organizations in the world, as well as the small, one-person, and mom-&-pop shops all over the world. Content marketing represents the opposite of “spam”. Good content marketing should make a reader, stop, read, think, behave differently, and buy. It’s a great way for companies to appear more “human” more reachable, which gives them the customer connection they are so longing to make. Content marketing creates an environment where companies can share their ideas, and open up communication with their customers and prospects, in turn, making them feel more important and appreciated.

“QR codes used the right way can be a fantastic marketing tool,” says Wilson. As I alluded to earlier, there is power in the code, if it’s used correctly. QR codes should be like landing pages, unique for each trafficking opportunity. Using the same generic QR code doesn’t allow individual tracking for different types of marketing efforts. As a result, companies are missing out on capturing vital information. Wilson adds, “The problem is that most companies are missing these marketing opportunities because of basic mistakes and are unable to track any return on their marketing investment.”

Rising confidence in content marketing effectiveness seems to be encouraging marketers to dedicate a a larger budget to this specialized and critical strategy. On average, 60% of respondents indicate that they plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the next 12 months.

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