Anyone with a little determination and the ability to read a tutorial can create a website. This means that there are a lot more brands competing for space in the consumer market. Whether you’re an online trainer or an artist or a consultant – it doesn’t matter, the market is saturated with other people providing the same good or service.

Establishing credibility will set you apart. We’ve all had that friend who shares the articles from the Onion or some other satirical news source. Developing credibility means providing content to your users that is accurate, interesting and valuable.

When you are working to develop brand credibility there are some key areas that you want to focus on. The first is content. You want to make sure that whatever content you push to your audience is meaningful. This means that it has well researched information, is presented thoughtfully and hits areas of interest for your consumers.

Authentic testimonials are another great way to develop brand credibility. While the standard, rehearsed testimonial is good; organic testimonials that are not requested or prepared are even better! Creating an engaging community will encourage followers to share their experiences in the form of comments, word of mouth recommendations or purchase a good or service for a friend. The best marketing you can have is a referral.

Being active in the community in which your business operates is important for credibility. Whether it’s participating in forums or writing articles that are published by other people, showing that you are an active member of the community is crucial for building credibility and often builds loyalty as well.

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