Data modeling is a way to structure and organize data so it can be used easily by databases. Data modeling is routinely used in conjunction with a database management system. Data that has been modeled and made ready for this system can be identified in various ways, such as according to what they represent or how they relate to other data. The idea is to make data as presentable as possible, so analysis and integration can be done with as little effort as necessary.

A customer data model is a list of characteristics and key figures about a customer. A customer data model is useful if you want to compare the behavior of different customers in an analysis. The analysis can be a report or it can be a statistical procedure or a data mining procedure.

If you consider the information that you have about your customers, it consists partly of data that is totally time-independent and partly of data that is loosely time-dependent and can be disregarded in the analysis master data. You also have data from the complex interaction with the customer that generally consists of sales information and contact information wither by contacts that you established with the customer during campaigns and contacts that were initiated by the customer. You define a data model and then use it to compare or analyze your customers.

You need a customer data model if you want to

  • Investigate or predict the dependency of a customer characteristic on other factors
  • Divide your customers into different homogenous groups or cluster of customers into customer groups
  • Predict a key figure for your customers or make a forecast on the basis of historical data
  • Improve Targeting

  • Increase conversions

Predictive Modeling is used to predict behaviors simulated by a marketing contact using information available in your marketing database. Some basic applications include:

Ideal Customer Retention– increase customer lifetime value by identifying who is the best customer and who has the most potential to stay loyal to your brand.

Ideal Customer Cloning – identify the traits of your top customers and find prospects that resemble them.

Customer Regain– Regain customers whose patronage has dropped dramatically or totally lapsed.

Data modeling gives you the ability to quickly identify and execute a highly targeted marketing campaign.

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