There has been a recent and highly publicized uptick in the breach of customer databases of large retailers, financial institutions and online services. More than ever, consumers are starting to hesitate to provide detailed personal information for fear of it being compromised. This newfound skepticism is spreading quickly – however it does not mean that your business needs to suffer.

While traditional methods of obtaining information through contact forms may become more challenging, there are still large consumer databases that can provide detailed demographic information. Sourcing this information from various places allows us to have detailed records for more than 200 million consumers.

Obtaining accurate, intelligent consumer information is critical to marketing and sales efforts – particularly for medium to large businesses. We know that as your business evolves, so does your customer base and we at Natimark continually improve and update our databases to meet your needs.

We offer the ability to not only add new names to your customer database but also to enhance your existing ones with additional information, through reverse appends. Investing in database cleansing, enhancements and new information is affordable thanks to Natimark. Our a la carte pricing allows you to pay for only what you need for your business.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you avoid the fall-out from the information breach!