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Recent information from advertising associations and other research firms report that there is a huge value in including traditional direct mail in a multifaceted marketing campaign. Some companies have started relying more heavily on digital forms of communication, such as social media and email, but marketing professionals will tell you that forgetting about the physical channels could be a mistake.
Social media definitely is changing a lot of things, but it isn’t the answer to everything. It can be over relied on and it needs to be one important part of a wide, but strategic marketing campaign. Companies here and abroad are still spending more on social media campaigns, but combining the time and money spent on search, display, mobile and email advertising with the physical will bring much better results in the end.
Companies can increase their chances for success by adopting a direct mail solution to ensure they have the current data including, updated lists for names, addresses, and buying habits. can customize a marketing plan that includes real-time information for a successful strategy that includes the digital and print.