While print advertising has taken a back seat to digital marketing, companies might be surprised to find that direct mail actually directing traffic to websites, and increasing their online presence and sales. A new survey from GI Insight’s finds that almost 50 percent of consumers have visited a company’s website because of something they received in the mail. The figure rises to 53 percent for the 18 to 24-year-old group, with 49% men more likely to visit versus only 44% of women.

According to Andy Wood, managing director of GI Insight, “The findings show that direct marketing is still a powerful tool, even in the digital age.” In fact, about 52 percent of promotions and coupons redeemed were through the mail with direct marketing pieces.

Redplum.com is one company that bridges the advertising gap by offering coupons, deals and promotions via your mailbox, newspaper, online and even in-store. Redplum is owned by Valassis Communications, a major name in print advertising. In a highly digital age, statistics show that a large percent of consumers still prefer to have advertising they can touch and feel. The EUS Marketing Blog said that physical material has more effectiveness for marketers than virtual material. The blog also said material shown on cards generated more activity in the part of the brain associated with visual and spatial information, suggesting that physical material is more “real” to the brain. Perhaps finding the perfect advertising mix that not only makes advertising more “real” to the brain, but also makes sales more “real” to the bottom line is the answer.

Natimark.com believes that only utilizing one avenue for advertising is not the best route when it comes to marketing your message. You need to diversify your efforts, and use all the tools available to ensure that you reach a larger target audience. It’s a combination of strategies that will get the job done.