According to Forrester Research, display advertising dollars will represent 36 percent of overall interactive marketing by 2016. In 2012, marketers have shifted to targeting and personalizing ads based on the individual user’s profile data. Using display advertising in news ways like this will help to open a whole new set of opportunities for brands to quickly increase revenue and better customize their target market engagement.

As 2012 progresses, we will see an integration between the display ads and search teams within many digital agencies. The mix of search and display is profitable, but there is a need for a higher level of strategic communication between the two separate tools. Media planning will become more specialized, and the data shared by each function can influence better revenue performance across both channels. As technology continues to gets smarter, so will agencies in the way that they strategically plan their clients’ budgets.

Here are some ways marketers are evolving display advertising:

  1. Banner ads that target new customers, and users with personalized “you might also like” recommendations.
  2. Target inactive or lapsed email recipients with a personalized banner ad that includes exclusive offers and/or personalized content.
  3. According to many sources, Performance Display will grow dramatically, becoming one of the hottest areas of advertiser investment in 2012.

Advertisers should continue to invest in their traditional acquisition channels, like search, but they will also ensure engagement with those users who leave their sites without buying through retargeted messages.

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