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The best way to understand and communicate with your clients and speak your company’s message is to be cognizant of their preferences, and to what is most convenient for them. Companies such as points out, that consumers pay attention to the messages they get in the mail, and not just on the Internet, meaning direct mail is still a vital component of any multichannel marketing campaign. They state that research conducted by Mail Print, found that 85% of consumers sort through and read selected pieces of mail every day while the other 15% let it sit for two or more days at a time. 75% of consumers are saying that they are examining their mail more closely in the recent months to search for coupons and discounts 40% of consumers have been influenced to try a new business by a direct mail piece, and 70% have gone back to old businesses after receiving mail from the company. Consumer preference has always been the determining factor in a products life cycle.

There was a time when mass or blanket advertising was considered the best marketing plan for companies; “Cover everyone, and that will ensure you will reach someone.” Physical mail was also one of the only marketing channels companies could use and the result was mail boxes stuffed with useless advertisements that did not target the companies’ audience. This lack of direct researched marketing led to unknowingly forcing consumers to ignore most of it. Some marketers predict that digital advertising could walk down the same road if companies continue to drown consumers through only one medium.

But by using accurate researched data collection solutions that actually targets consumer buying habits and lifestyles, companies can eliminate inaccurate information such as addresses and other unusable data. Direct mail can be a valuable tactic that helps companies reduce the number of unnecessary pieces that are sent out, which makes both the consumer and the cost-conscious companies happy.

Today you need a multi-media marketing plan that actually targets consumer buying behaviors and lifestyles to ensure you understand your audience. can create a custom marketing plan that uses real-time accurate data and multi-channeled mediums that will ensure you reach the consumers that are looking for you.