Your current customers are the best source of marketing intelligence. Get to know them, their preferences and their expectations and you can:

  • Measure more closely the success of your products and services
  • Identify new opportunities within your customer base
  • Identify new products or services for your customer base
  • Identify new potential customers

Knowing your customer base will enable you to divide the market into segments and tailor your marketing communication programs to the needs and expectations of each of your segments. You will be able to identify the most profitable customers and the ones with the greatest potential, while separating the least profitable customers from the rest.

Customer profiling is all about getting to know your existing customers to identify new customers

Gather information on your existing customer base, and profile these customers to establish clear segments or customer types and identify what attracts them to your product or service and why. Customer profiling identifies relevant marketing activities to develop these customers, identifies potential new customers within specific segments, new prospects are targeted with specific and relevant campaigns that generate sales.

Attract the prospectknowing who to attract, where they are and what they will respond to is essential

Engage with the prospect – identifying their requirements enables you to match your offer to their needs

Present the offer –Identify the approach, email campaign, direct mail campaign or a telemarketing campaign.

Convert the prospect –the right sales tactics need to be in place in order for this to happen. There is no point in generating new business enquiries if you don’t have the resource or mechanism to close the sale.

You can implement the most effective new business lead generation activity for your resources by, developing a marketing strategy that works within your resources, selecting and designing the right lead generation sales and marketing activities, testing and fine tuning these activities, providing or developing a mechanism for measuring your return on investment and identifying those sales and marketing activities that aren’t performing and acting accordingly.

Through customer profiling you will be able to understand your existing customer base and identify potential new business opportunities. Through lead generation activity you will be able to create marketing communication campaigns that can target specific groups of new prospects.

Once you have presented your offer and converted the sale you need to use measurement tools that will then enable you to work out your return on investment or ROI. This will enable you to benchmark your performance and plan for future marketing campaigns.

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