Many traditional techniques of gaining rank position and driving web traffic have become redundant. This has caused businesses worldwide to carefully re-evaluate their SEO and web strategies. Businesses must diversify their marketing strategies to survive, and more importantly stay ahead of their competition.

Google recently released ‘Penguin’ and this new update has the ability to shake things up. Most of the methods that website owners and SEO marketers had implemented over the years to earn their search engine ranking could now be made ineffective

We all know Google runs the show when it comes to a business’s ranking, which directly effects their success or failure online. Using only SEO strategies is placing your bet on only one horse – you must diversify. Many businesses may not realize how easy it is to spread their marketing dollars around. According to statistics Youtube gets 4 billion global video views every day. What you need to take from that statistic is that today’s audience loves web video! (hint hint)!

Numbers don’t lie, and online video marketing’s influence is reaching farther than most than predicted. In fact earlier this year, a Bright Roll survey found that 65% of marketers plan to reallocate their campaigning dollars from TV to online video. While a quarter of those marketers see online and mobile video as the two areas that will gain the largest spend increase over the next two years. With this knowledge, it makes sense for traditional SEO, web video and real world marketing to be integrated together in order to level the playing field for all online businesses.

Jenyns, a director at Melbourne Video Productions recently stated that; “We recently placed a physical QR Code for one of my clients, The Dentists, near their business location, on a busy public sidewalk.” A QR (Quick Response) Code looks like a barcode, except it holds a larger amount of data that can lead to websites, web videos or other information. Jenyns then says, “Passersby can’t help themselves because it says Bored? Scan This – the curiosity gets the better of them. They then use their smartphone to scan the code, and they get introduced to The Dentists via web video, as they stand on the street.”

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