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LinkedIn is a social networking platform for people in professional occupations; in other words, it’s where job seekers go to find work and it’s where businesses go to find strong employee prospects. But businesses are finding out that LinkedIn can be so much more than just a job hunting site.

LinkedIn isn’t exactly the most “fun” of platforms, but having a current presence on the site has become as important as an ad in the Yellow Pages was years ago. LinkedIn is where potential employees and business partners go when deciding whether they want to work with your company. And it’s how you get the word out about opportunities at your organization. But what’s new is that the site has been increasing its collaboration capabilities including LinkedIn Today, the shared news service launched about a year ago, and it is the place people are going to see, and be seen, as subject matter experts.

LinkedIn has three revenue streams: recruiting tools, premium subscriptions, and advertising. Facebook may be the fun socializing toy to LinkedIn’s buttoned up business tool, but being “boring” seems to be winning over investors. According to, Wall Street expects LinkedIn to report earnings-per-share of 15 cents, 54 percent higher than a year ago on 78 percent higher revenue of $216 million. Investors will also be watching for indication of user engagement — the growth in unique visitors.

But some experts say they expect LinkedIn’s growth to slow, the question is when that growth will pick up again, and where that growth will come from. And international growth may also be in focus as LinkedIn builds up its overseas business with new offices in Brazil, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. As users shift from desktops to mobile devices, can LinkedIn’s mobile revenue keep up with user growth, in contrast with Facebook, where mobile use is far outpacing mobile ads? And will we see companies shift their recruiting to these products from traditional Human Resources teams?

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