Buying customer lists can be an excellent and cost effective way to acquire new customers, but only if you utilize the right company, and the right lists. If you’re on the hunt for a list right now, you’ve likely noticed that upon a simple Google search, countless companies pop up that are selling mailing lists or email lists.

Which company should you trust? Which one has the best lists? At a minimum, a good company to buy lists from is one that meets the following criteria:

  • Up-to-date Information:When is the last time the particular list of interest has been updated? These details should be provided so that you can ensure you aren’t paying for contact information that may be a few years old and no longer relevant for what you’re looking to achieve.
  • Specific Niches:Does the company offer very specific lists? For example, if you are a home security company, the best audience to target may be new homeowners. Does the company have an up-to-date new homeowners list, or do they simply have a “homeowners” list.
  • Data Sources:Where does the company collect its data from? How do they build the lists?
  • Cost: What is the cost per thousand contacts? Companies may advertise their lists at different prices for different numbers of contacts, but breaking it down to cost per thousand can help give you a better idea of how competitive the company i
  • Support: Does the relationship end after you’ve purchased a list? Or does the company provide results and reporting support, expert advice when you need it, and real live professionals (not automated responses or FAQ databases)?

Natimark’s experience, dedicated team, and leading edge technology ensure that we not only meet the aforementioned criteria, but excel well beyond our industry standards. If you are trying to acquire a certain list of contacts, email or call (866) 923-3403.