E-commerce has upgraded to Mobile-commerce. More and more people are staying connected throughout their entire day, as opposed to only at home. Today’s mobile-connected devices allow users to browse where desktop computers can’t go, and this increases the amount of online connectivity for many consumers and increases sales, and brand awareness for many companies. Reaching customers 24/7, no matter where they are, or what they are doing, is changing the way marketers advertise, and reach consumers online. Consumers are shopping in “real time” and your marketing and connectivity needs to keep up them

According to a Neilson report; browsing while watching TV is very common. 70 percent of tablet owners and 68 percent of smartphone owners said they used their devices while watching TV, compared with 35 percent of e-reader users.

Nielson also identified how much time device owners spend in various situations. Tablet owners said 30 percent of their time was spent using the device while watching TV compared to 21 percent lying in bed.
Smartphone owners said that 20 percent of device use occurs while watching TV and 11 percent lying in bed.
Source: ecommercetimes.com