Market Penetration is a phrase that we hear quite often in the direct marketing world. So what exactly does it mean and how do you measure it?

Let’s start by discussing what market penetration is the depth with which you have penetrated the market. Analyzing your market penetration affords you the knowledge of where you stand relative to your competitors as it relates market dominance and market share.

Of course there are various levels of penetration as you might imagine – aware, engaged, consumer, etc. So how do you measure that? What is the process for understanding these metrics?

Market penetration analysis is extremely complex and relies on many factors to be able to come up with a true value. Through an analysis of varying demographics, zip codes and other identifying factors, we can come up with your penetration numbers and segment them by groups and other demographic criteria.

At Natimark, we have developed a process that allows us to pull in all of these data points and create a market penetration report for you. These reports help you understand where and how you can effectively target your ideal consumers. We help you understand the various ranges of consumers and your ability to target based on selected criteria.

Let us help you win more market share through market penetration analysis! Contact us today to find out how