“Tweens” are a rising demographic in the marketing world as they are defined as in-be-“tween” a child and a teenager. Understood as the 8-12 age-group, tweens grew up with computers and internet access, making them quite different from previous generations of pre-teens. In fact one-third of the 33.3 million tweens in the US own a mobile phone.

While they are physically still children, socially they are beginning to explore what it means to be a teenager. Tweens are becoming more sophisticated at a younger age, as they race to have the newest and coolest technology and style like their older peers and siblings. Their tastes and opinions are a strong influence on their parents, and their estimated $300 billion a year buying power should not be ignored. This is the ideal demographic list for retail, technology, online services, mobile phones, green aware products and more.

Tips for targeting
Know what drives Tweens- Part of a targeting strategy for tweens is knowing what motivates them to purchase.