Email has grown far beyond a personal communications tool. Email has become an integral marketing strategy in promoting B2C and B2B communications. It is becoming the most effective, immediate, strategic and inexpensive way to directly reach your targeted market. Email lists have truly become one of the most effective ways to stay in front of existing customers, and surpassing all other traditional marketing mediums combined.

By appending email addresses to your customer database, you can expand your marketing options and receive tremendous customer communication benefits. Email campaigns have become a critical channel in today’s marketplace and a very cost effective way to communicate on a more personal casual level with your customers. Email appending help businesses to enhance their databases by providing missing emails which helps companies to maximize the value of their offline in-house databases.

Benefits to Appending Email Addresses to your Customer File

  • Provides a new channel and level of communication with your customers
  • You can expand your marketing options and frequency
  • A cost effective way to recapture inactive customers
  • Support your direct mail initiatives and increase response rates
  • Appeal to customer communication preferences
  • Notify customers of ongoing offers and specials
  • Save postage and increase data accuracy
  • Convert customers from paper billing to online billing

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