If you’ve ever spent time waiting for a doctor’s appointment you may have read this headline and said to yourself “I don’t think they need any help in that department.” We would have to agree, for a primary care physician who has a good reputation, that they likely have no problem scheduling patients.

However, for a specialty doctor, healthcare service provider, or medical prescription company looking to grow his or her practice, there is serious value in obtaining lists for direct marketing to consumers in target demographics.

Obtaining an “Ailment List” will allow you to reach out to people who are likely in direct need of your products and/or services. These people are actively seeking information, treatment or products in the targeted areas. They can be people suffering from something as simple as acne or something as severe as Parkinson’s.

So how do these lists work and why are they effective? The people who suffer from these conditions are generally highly motivated to obtain treatment. They will seek out opportunities and if they receive direct contact are likely to engage. If you are a company that offers targeted services like Lasik eye surgery or smoking cessation. or you are a specialized doctor’s office like pediatrics and are seeking new clients, this is a direct marketing technique with proven success.

Natimark can offer you lists for over 100 different ailments, covering over 60 million records. Take the next step in expanding your practice and contact us today to find out more about our listings.