Did you know that the industry has seen a major uptick in the delivery, and more importantly the consumption, of newsletters? With the high volume of information we consume on a daily basis it may seem odd that a newsletter would become so popular, but newsletters conveniently provide a central repository for information relevant to a particular industry, business or topic – this streamlines the level of effort on the part of the consumer and increases their likelihood of information consumption!

Newsletters are a great way to share information about your business without it seeming like a sales pitch. Spotlighting a new product or service and the impact it has in a factual sense versus the typical “salesified” content can actually help drive higher rates of consumption because the end user/consumer feels that they are seeking out the product or service.

Truly penetrating your customer base requires a multi-channel marketing effort. In order to do this you need to make sure you have appropriate contact details to support a multi-channel effort. We find reverse appends to be particularly helpful in this area. Did you purchase a list that simply contains phone numbers? We all know that in the digital age most people screen their calls and have a low tolerance for telemarketing.

Capitalizing on this trend is critical – newsletters allow both the marketer and consumer to be in charge. Not only are you providing content to someone who wants to receive it but you are also able to control how you communicate with those individuals based on customer data.

In completing a reverse append, you open up the channels in which you can communicate with your clients. Direct mail is a great way to stand out as an organization – as the world relies predominantly on digital services, receiving a piece of mail that isn’t a bill has become quite rare.

Perhaps it is this sense of power for the consumer that results in the increased brand loyalty. TechCrunch suggests that while it is harder to acquire emails, doing so is significantly more valuable than acquiring social media followers. The consumers who subscribed are almost twice as likely to convert to customers and almost three times as likely to become repeat customers.

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