The word “free” these days rarely means that the good or service is actually going to come without a cost. At Natimark – we like free and we like ensuring that we not only provide goods and services at reasonable costs but that we also give our customer’s a little something extra.

Are you a list broker, list buyer, mailing house or franchise? Perhaps a printer? If so, you should check outNatimark Onlineour free, web based application where you can obtain counts for free! Should you choose to subscribe, you have full access to list counts, reports and ordering.

This tool makes it simple and quick to obtain lists from both consumer and existing business databases. These lists can then be sliced and diced by geography, selects, omits, suppressions and reports! Once you determine if the lists are right for you, the full details are available instantaneously.

When choosing a new or additional vendor for list based marketing services, we know that concern may abound that the value is not there in the purchase, hence the development of Natimark Online. We wanted our customers to know that they are getting high quality, robust data sets that are uniquely tailored to their business needs.

We offer many services in addition to Natimark Online. Check out our services page for more information or contact us today to set up a consultation