While most people have head the term SEO, do they really understand how it can help you increase your sales, while building a personal relationship with your clients? Some important things to remember and practice with SEO strategy are:

SEO is more than just technology and search engines, it is still about people and what drives them to buy. SEO copy should be written with specific keywords true, but it also needs to be focused on the audience, not just the speaker. Only worrying about your Google CTR, CPC and ranking, or if it’s “Likeable” on Facebook will not help you to reach your customers, or increase your conversion and sales. Set SMART goals; specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. It’s easy to get lost in the technology of marketing. Remembering that you are trying to influence a person to buy your product or service, not a computer can help you to realign your goals and strategy.

If you view your website like a valued salesperson and company representative, you may better understand how your customer sees you.

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