When you hear the term “spring cleaning” it likely conjures up images of windows being opened after a long weekend, the smell of lemony fresh cleaners and glistening floors. While we agree – spring cleaning at home is a great way to kick off the warmer months we also believe that businesses need spring cleaning too.

No – we don’t mean getting rid of the files that have been piled on your desk for the last 3 months (although – you could do that); we mean data hygiene. If you are a business owner who cares about their bottom line, you should care about the quality and cleanliness of your data. There is nothing that is more of a waste than a marketing campaign directed at the wrong people because of dated data. Not only does it have a low ROI but it also can give off an image of negligence.

We know what you’re thinking – I don’t have the time, resources or patience to go through my entire contact list. Where would I even begin? How do I know who is valid or invalid? As a business owner, your focus should be on delivering a quality service or product, increasing your customer base and your bottom line. Data hygiene is something that you can outsource to a company like Natimark as we specialize in this area.

So how do these lists work and why are they effective? The people who suffer from these conditions are generally highly motivated to obtain treatment. They will seek out opportunities and if they receive direct contact are likely to engage. If you are a company that offers targeted services like Lasik eye surgery or smoking cessation. or you are a specialized doctor’s office like pediatrics and are seeking new clients, this is a direct marketing technique with proven success.

By leveraging our Data Hygiene Service you will:

  • Increase deliverability and reduce waste by assuring the addresses on your lists are current, correct and standardized. Services include: NCOALink®, DSF, LACS, DPV, DMCOA and NES.
  • Cut program waste and duplicate mailings with our comprehensive merge/purge system
  • Remove or flag consumers on the Do Not Call list
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns and make every record count

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