B2C marketing means that you are targeting a single individual to purchase something, maybe in the case of a product targeted at children, you are also targeting the parents, so then the parents become the decision maker and the child becomes the influencer in the purchase. But in the case of B2B marketing, you have multiple parties to influence; you have the decision maker, the influencer and the user.

B2C marketing is considered unique for the simple reason that the industry is able to strike geographical barriers and achieve worldwide audience. In addition, businesses are able to get to the client base straightforwardly and slash intermediary distributors when the product needs to be distributed using long-established ways. B2C marketing also permits companies to cut costs.

It’s also effective to conduct your B2C marketing on other prominent websites related to your business. This can be done with methods such as pay-per-click advertising, where you pay your host for each click you get on your ad, or affiliate advertising, where you pay your host for each sale generated by the link from their website. These strategies must be pulled off on highly popular websites that are related to the industry you’re working in at large or your products and services specifically.

Both the benefit and the cost of B2C marketing is that there are no geographical barriers on your advertisements. This is negative because you can’t tailor your message for certain areas, but at the same time, it’s positive due to the much higher number of people who will be viewing your advertisements for no extra cost. The opportunities for B2C marketing are endless and, when hosted on the site itself, completely free to run and highly likely to generate impulse buys – the best benefit of any B2C site.


  • Manufactured goods driven
  • Capitalize on the significance of the business deal
  • Targets: huge market and customer base
  • Very short transaction sequence
  • Brand personality is created via replication
  • Emotional purchasing decision is based on class, aspiration, or cost

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