For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the best strategies are those that generate a large number of leads at a low cost. Although even more important than the cost of the leads from a social marketing campaign for small business owners, is the leads being highly targeted. More targeted leads means higher conversions and more sales for less advertising cost.

Content –Create ‘link bait’ type blog posts. These are blog posts that are designed to make people want to link to the post and to share it around with their friends. A clever and entertaining blog post or videos and new popular topics tend to do very well with users. You want people to ‘like’ them on Facebook and share the link on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Targeted Customer Lists-

RedYou can choose from a range of demographics such as age, location, and interests to ensure that you ad only goes to the most relevant people and thus reducing advertising costs for your business.

Press Releases –Another great way for some viral content if you tie in with some recent news. A press release gets syndicated across multiple platforms and is often re-tweeted many times due to the Google News appearance. You can also share your press release link in a relevant LinkedIn discussion forum and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

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