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We see it everywhere – from targeted Facebook ads to commercials on your Pandora. The science of data has come leaps and bounds in the last 5-10 years. What used to be a best guess effort for targeted marketing is now a complex science riddled with algorithms and mined data from your online behavior. Even Instagram suggests photos for you to like based on other things that you’ve liked on their application.

The implications of this are vast – one in particular that interests us is the shift that is being caused in consumer expectations. Fifteen years ago we did not expect to go online to purchase an item and to have other suggested items, we understood that when we received a mailer that it probably went to everyone and anyone and we knew that telemarketers had little beyond a phone number and a first name. In this day and age, we no longer hold such low standards for marketers. We expect to be sent only things that are relevant to us as a consumer. We ask questions like: “Why would AARP be calling me? I’m 25.”

The access to the “human data” that is mined during every internet query, page visit and phone call is all stored and available to marketers. Customer Relationship Management systems track every interaction you have with your end users. As a result of this “intelligence”, consumers now hold the expectation that you won’t send a mailer about a Hyundai buy-back event to the owner of a Ford Fusion.

We often hear from frustrated non-profits that have wasted valuable time and resources trying to recruit the help of those not likely to give at this time. At Natimark, we offer very specific lists of perspective leads. Our goal is to provide you with the best ROI and value so that you can bring in a lot more dollars than what you’ve actually spent on your prospects and marketing – each and every time!

How do you as a marketer manage this expectation? You adapt your processes to leverage the consumer data that is so readily available in today’s market. Natimark has access to the best data available – segmented by both demographic and psychographic elements. We can help you adapt to the trend of “human data”.

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