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November, December and January are some of the biggest months in retail – whether it is jewelry, cars or clothes this time of year is known for customers going out and spending their money. While they expect great deals on Black Friday and during post-holiday sales, consumers also have planned to spend money.

Ensuring that you are getting your holiday marketing and communications into the hands of consumers is critical to the success of your peak retail season. The first step to making sure that your direct marketing efforts are producing results is to ensure you are targeting the right people. Natimark offers the National Consumer List which is the most comprehensive database available containing over 130 million households and their data.

While this may sound overwhelming, it shouldn’t be! Natimark offers the opportunity to slice and dice this data by demographic points – including state, city, neighborhood, etc. We can provide lifestyle points as well to help you figure out exactly who you need to get your message to.

The database is updated on a monthly basis ensuring that your consumer data will be current! The best part about these lists is that not only are they comprehensive but they are affordable – starting at just $60/M including selects!

Contact us today to find out how we can get you putting your best marketing forward this holiday season!