Although you may already feel overwhelmed by the growing number of social media sites, free micro-blogging platform Tumblr can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness about your brand. Founded in 2007 by David Karp, Tumblr is essentially a microblogging platform and social networking site on which users can easily share other blogs, images, and videos. In fact, like Pinterest, Tumblr is based on visual content. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog, named a “tumblelog”. Users can follow other users’ blogs, as well as make their blogs private blogs from the dashboard interface.

As a blogging platform, Tumblr is easier to use than WordPress, and it effectively allows others to interact with your content. Presence on Tumblr will require a fairly significant commitment to producing an ongoing supply of new content–especially images and video–so it’s not for every company. It also tends to attract a younger demographic, which may or may not suit your organization. However, Tumblr is a place where people tend to stop and stay a long while, which is a plus for any business.

In that sense, Tumblr is a bit like Facebook — but with a few advantages. For instance, Tumblr blogs can be accessed directly via the Web, whereas Facebook content is available only to its users. That means Tumblr content gets indexed by search engines and can increase your search visibility.

Tumblr also offers many free and premium blog designs, and is one of the most mobile-friendly publishing platforms. If you use both Tumblr and Facebook for your business, you can integrate Tumblr posts into your Facebook timeline. Tumblr says it hosts nearly 65 million blogs, garnering nearly 17 billion page views per month. In terms of engagement, Tumblr is second only to Facebook when it comes to the average amount of time users spend on the site.

So, is Tumblr is a good match for your business? According to internet analytics service ComScore, 50 percent of Tumblr users are age 25 or younger, and as of mid 2012, Tumblr had over 64.7 million blogs and it scored 13.4 million unique visitors in the United States in July 2011—up 218% from July 2010.

So if your business targets the youth market, it should be worth a shot. But even if young people aren’t your core market, Tumblr’s search visibility benefits, mobile friendliness, and popularity should make it worthwhile to at least experiment with.

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