As a business owner, you are very likely aware of the benefits of blogging and publishing helpful content on a regular basis. Keeping your clients updated and interested allows you to rank well for relevant search keywords, resulting in more traffic to your site, which generates more leads, marketing 101! But are you aware of the benefits of social media in general, and in particular, Twitter?

According to Twitter Inc. has formally launched a service to allow small businesses to buy and place ads on the online messaging platform. Twitter has sought ways to expand its advertising revenue, and now hopes the new ad service will help answer the questions about its long-term business strategy. The company spent last year developing a self-serve system that could handle a far greater volume of ad transactions and, in November, opened the system to a small number of clients for testing.

Some benefits to using Twitter for your business:
Gives your business a personality
Allows you to connect and learn who your customers are, and what they want
Gives you new ideas for blogs, emails, newsletters, products/services, etc
Gives you an opportunity to answer your client’s questions and concerns
A simple platform to promote new materials/products

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