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Are you a marketing manager, director of fundraising, or telemarketing manager for a non-profit? If so, you know very well the importance of focusing your time and efforts on those most likely to make a charitable donation to your organization.

But where do you find these people, so that you don’t spend 40 hours reaching out to 2000 people only to receive a small number of donations each week?

Here are some ways marketers are evolving display advertising:

We often hear from frustrated non-profits that have wasted valuable time and resources trying to recruit the help of those not likely to give at this time. At Natimark, we offer very specific lists of perspective leads. Our goal is to provide you with the best ROI and value so that you can bring in a lot more dollars than what you’ve actually spent on your prospects and marketing – each and every time!

We update our databases on a weekly basis and our “Donor List” specifically includes people that have recently made charitable donations to one or more organizations. Our “average” donor gives approximately $25, with donations ranging from $15 all the way up $100! This file has 100% available phone numbers, and has been CASS certified to insure accuracy.

Contact Natimark to learn more about this charitable group of citizens and how you can be put in touch with them!

Natimark’s Extra Non-Profit Tip of the Day: When you call upon strangers, teach; don’t sell. Always try to tap in to someone’s passion. If you teach them about an issue and what your organization does to support it, you better your chances of personally connecting with that person, and perhaps uncovering something that you have in common with one another.