YouTube? Isn’t that just a site for videos showing cute cats performing some impossible task, or people performing crazy stunts? While it still has its entertaining factor, it has evolved to become much more. Video has increased in importance as technology has evolved to enable quick and easy access to video from almost anywhere, on almost anything. Savvy companies are leveraging YouTube channels and new social collaboration features as well as customers’ rising expectations for video to offer how-to’s, product demos, interviews, webinars, and more. Producing a video is not hard, the real trick is to determine what makes sense in video form and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

Executive presentations:Providing regular presentations by department or company-wide (remote offices), to discuss financial performance, share information, recognize outstanding workers and so on is a perfect way to use YouTube in an internal manner. But you can also use videos to reach an outside audience by creating short videos of valuable tips of interest to your clients and prospects to show off your expertise, conduct an interview with an expert, Introduce your staff to add authenticity, turn your podcasts into videos, to expand your reach, engage with the YouTube community by leaving comments and uploading video responses to videos on topics related to your business or industry.

Training: Videos can be a great way to train employees on anything from using company software, setting up equipment, to making a great sales pitch. For the outside audience you can put together a creative video explaining your product or service, and show the results of someone using your services

Help:If your help desk get repeat calls from users requesting assistance on the same problem, a YouTube video showing the correct steps to solve the most common problems can be an excellent way to build trust and customer service without slowing down your internal workforce. Build up a bank of self-help, how-to videos for users to check first, before they call and you can better control your image and information. You can also post solutions to common product or service problems, answer customer-specific questions using videos and post a blog entry discussing a problem and include a video for visual support.

Marketing-A picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures of your new product or service are worth even more! YouTube videos can be used to help you set up a channel to reflect your brand and engage with others, choose a user name that reflects your brand for your channel URL and add your channel URL to marketing collateral and social network profiles, post customer video testimonials to add to your credibility, post links to your videos on various social networks, look into YouTube Promoted Videos to reach your target through contextually-relevant search results, run a contest, display company contact information and add Call-to-Action overlays to your videos to drive traffic to your web site.

Events:You can involve everyone in important company events without the costs and downtown of flying them in. You could also use it to promote your events using recordings of previous events for your online audience to see and relate to.

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